After the hellish brutality of the mid-season premier, the core group of The Walking Dead cast are rebuilding the ruins of Alexandria.

Karl survived a gunshot to his head, though he has lost his eye. Are we seeing the rebirth of the Governor eye-patch?

In an episode that really was a stepping stone to the second half of Season 6. Dayrl and Rick meet a man by the name Jesus (Is he the saviour?). After a constant battle of oneupmanship over a truck with supplies, both loss out as the truck rolls into the lake.

Jesus, is brought back to Alexandria where we he awakes, arguable the biggest gasping moment of the episode, Rick and Michonne in bed together. The twitter-sphere was abuzz .

The big talking points out of this episode are.

  1. Who is Jesus?
  2. Does he have a connection to Negan
  3. Carl lives, but when will he get an eye patch?
  4. Rick and Michonne?