Nick Cummins’ journey is about to begin and here is the complete 25 bachelorette lineup for the upcoming season. The bachelorettes, range in age from 23 to 34:

Meet the bachelorettes from left to right

Autumn, 29, VIC

Autumn, 29, Vic.jpg
Photo: TEN

Creative Autumn is a digital designer from Melbourne, who is hoping to find an ‘ideal man’ with an old soul and old school views about commitment.

Vanessa, 27, VIC


Fiercely independent legal secretary Vanessa is looking a sincere man, with a great sense of humour. It was her New Year’s resolution to apply for the hit dating show.

Sophie, 25, QLD

Sophie, 25, Qld.jpg
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Sophie is a property valuer who is on her way to achieving all her career goals, and is ready to focus on finding her ideal partner.

Tenille, 25, QLD

Tenille, 25, Qld.jpg
Photo: TEN

Tenille is a flight attendant, who is laid-back, modern and well spoken. She’s looking for an easy-going man that loves a laugh, but also has a genuine and caring personality.

Alisha, 25, ACT

Alisha, 25, ACT.png
Photo: TEN

Alisha is a motivated political adviser who is looking for an intelligent partner in crime to share life with, but she certainly knows how to let loose, too. Her ideal date involves hiring a tinny on the Hawkesbury River, and taking a six-pack of VB and a picnic along for the ride. Sounds like the perfect gal for our chilled-out Bachelor!

Romy, 29, QLD

Romy, 29, Qld.jpg
Photo: TEN

Romy, who works as a photoshoot director, sees herself as a bit of a bogan. She describes herself as spontaneous, fun, confident, adventurous and loyal.

Steph, 23, VIC

Steph, 23, Vic.jpg
Photo: TEN

Steph works as a children’s entertainer, and jokes that she applied for the show because ‘competing with girls who all have modelling experience for one guy is easier than modern dating.’

Blair, 27, QLD

Blair, 27, Qld.jpg
Photo: TEN

This primary school teacher from Queensland is described as sassy and quick-witted, and she’s looking for someone equally “fun and sarcastic” to settle down with.

Kayla, 25, SA

Kayla, 25, SA.jpg
Photo: TEN

Kayla is a flight attendant, whose nickname is Bambi due to her height. Her dream date would be to go to the drive- inn movies.

Emily, 24, ACT

Emily, 24, ACT.jpg
Photo: TEN

The 24-year-old dance teacher is a former professional ballet dancer, whose looking for love.

Cass, 23, NSW

Cass, 23, NSW.jpg
Photo: TEN

Former Miss World finalist Cass is currently studying, and enjoys spending her down-time playing rugby or riding horses. She says she’s sill single because she’s fussy and scared of dating, so why not try The Bachelor!

Renee, 30, VIC

Renee, 30, Vic.jpg
Photo: TEN

This 30-year-old business analyst wants a man who challenges her both intellectually and emotionally, but also holds her hand while they live life to the max.

Dasha, 32, SA

Dasha, 32, SA.jpg
Photo: TEN

Mother-of-one and personal trainer Dasha is looking for a fairytale romance with “a man, not a boy.” She hopes to find a true gentleman, who is her best friend above all things.

Shannon, 25, VIC

Shannon, 25, Vic.jpg
Photo: TEN

Car Care Consultant Shannon is described as a ray of sunshine, who is weird, wonderful and passionately happy. She thinks she’s still single because she ‘doesn’t waste time’ with men unless there is a spark.

Urszula, 34, VIC

Urszula, 34, Vic.jpg
Photo: TEN

The 34-year-old creative director describes herself as a hunter when it comes to dating. The Poland-born beauty is looking for a man who is passionate, loves deeply and has integrity.

Brooke, 23, WA

Brooke, 24, WA.jpg
Photo: TEN

Brooke is a proud indigenous woman from Western Australia, who hopes to be a role model to indigenous youths by assisting with mental health issues. The youth worker says her dream date would be spending a night out in the bush under the open sky, an evening that sounds right up Nick’s alley!

Christina, 23, QLD

Christina, 23, QLD.jpg
Photo: TEN

Describes as a pocket rocket of energy, the 23-year-old retail manager is sure to bring some fun to the cocktail parties. She’s looking for a man who is genuine and funny, but he also needs to be able to cook and clean.

Aleksandra, 31, VIC

Aleksandra, 31, Vic.png
Photo: TEN

This nature-loving Yoga teacher believes that you put out in to the universe what you want to receive, and she’s hoping to receive an honest, efficient, kind, happy AND funny Bachelor!

Juliana, 29, NSW

Juliana, 29, NSW.jpg
Photo: TEN

Juliana is a professional lifeguard, and loves everything about being adventurous and spending time outdoors. She’s looking for a kind-hearted and worldly partner.

Brittany, 30, NSW

Brittany, 30, NSW.jpg
Photo: TEN

Brittany is a down-to-earth radiographer, who is hoping to find an optimistic and spontaneous partner. Her passions include dogs and travel… and, honestly, same girl!

Suzie, 30, NSW

Susie, 30, WA.jpg
Photo: TEN

An account manager, Susie is straightforward, blunt and does not suffer fools. She is looking for a good man, who will take her on some movie-worthy romantic picnics.

Cayla, 27, QLD

Cayla, 27, Qld.jpg
Photo: TEN

Country girl Cayla is an ‘energy healer’ and lives a healthy lifestyle, focused on clean eating and fitness. After a few “dating disasters” she decided to apply for the show, in the hopes of finding a loving, sensitive and adventurous partner.

Ashlea, 30, QLD

Ashlea, 30, Qld.jpg
Photo: TEN

Ashlea is a motivated property consultant, who wants a partner to love and accept both her and her son. Not one for meeting guys in bars or on social media, she applied for the Bachelor to meet someone out of her comfort zone.

Rhiannon, 28, QLD

Rhiannon, 28, Qld.jpg
Photo: TEN

Rhiannan is a sales representative with a dry sense of humour and love for sarcasm. She applied to the show because she is ‘finally’ ready to start looking for love.

Cat, 24, Bali

Cat, 24, Bali.jpg
Photo: TEN

Fashion designer Cat is based in Bali, but applied for the show to “challenge herself” and hopefully find love.

The Bachelor Australia premieres Wednesday at 7:30pm on Network Ten.