Channel Ten have announced that they will be rebooting Survivor for the local Australian market in 2016.

After failed attempts by both Nine and Seven in the past, this will be the first adaptation of the popular American reality television show since 2006.

The American version of the show is now in its 31st season and has remained steady in the ratings over the past decade, while other shows of its vintage like American Idol are winding down production.

Ten has promised unlike the previous versions that they will seek an overseas location for the series.

No host has been announced, however Rove McManus would be a strong contender for the role. In a recent ET Canada interview, Survivor host Jeff Probst, highlighted McManus as a potential successor to his role in the American adaptation.

What do you think Survivor fans? Do you have the ability to “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast?”

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