SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen Survivor: Cambodia Episode 7 DO NOT READ ON!!! 

To be, or not to be, that is the question. As Fishback spun a limerick, Tasha looked on seeking to appease, while Kass pondered whether past relationships would impact her second chance.

The storm had literally hit the new Orkun beach as the game went into over drive as the two remaining tribes Bayon and Ta Keo merged early at 13.

Or at least that is the question we asked whether Joe and Spencer would choose to stick with the Ta Keo 5 alliance or join the original Bayon bromance alliance.


Savage and Jeremy are finally reunited. The bromance that began on the beach Day 1 had been separated. Savage is uneasy about the relationship that exists between Kass and Ciera. He can’t believe how fast the game is played and believes these girls are expert liars.

Wentworth and Kass are also interested in reforming the Ta Keo 5 (Wentworth, Kass, Ciera, Joe, Keith) but who else can they bring over. Abi is a lock. But can they bring Spencer over as well?



Wentworth is reunited with her original Ta Keo tribe member Spencer. He is concerned that Joe is not locked with his Ta Keo grouping.


Spencer explains the breakdown of the remaining members of the game in #JoeLanguage using a football analogy to highlight that they are both in the middle of two alliances.

In what looked more like a secret scene Fishback is reciting poetry to the tribe as they huddle under the shelter. Why oh why would you do this? #KnowItAll https://twitter.com/nancybranim/status/662080330359300096




Tasha and Kass are reunited on the beach and this time the line in the sand is drawn. Tasha openly tells Kass she can’t trust her after their previous season (Cagayan). Kass draws a line in the sand, a symbol of the division that now exists between the two.

Chaos erupts as Kass and Tasha openly argue back in camp, however Ciera also decides to throw Savage under the bus, saying he is targeting the ALPHA males in the tribe.


In the spirit of Second Chances, this is a throwback to Survivor: Cagayan with Tasha beating Spencer in their original season.

Standing on a narrowing beam with one hand holding a poll while keeping a ball from falling on the ground, Fishback shows he is no threat at physical challenges falling out within 10 seconds.

Savage, Jeremy, Tasha, Joe and Spencer make it to the last level. However it is a battle between the golden boy Joe and the young lad Spencer.

Inevitable Joe wins immunity, confirming he is the ultimate threat this season. Should Joe have lost this on purpose? Is he creating a bigger target on his back?




Joe and Keith have decided to go with the majority alliance, leaving Ciera, Kass, Abi and Wentworth in the minority. These are seasoned players and know that there will be a split 5-4-4. Kass approaches Spencer and asks him to vote Tasha his one alliance member from Cagayan.

The growth Spencer has shown throughout the season, brings conflict in his decision. His grudge against Kass seems to have dissipated and he is questioning whether to agree and vote with the minority alliance to vote Tasha out.



The vote is clear, it will be either Tasha, Kass or Ciera. Fishback ponders the evolution of the game, where the 3 small women are being targeted at the merge instead of an ALPHA male.

The Votes are cast 2 Votes each to Ciera, Kass and Tasha.

Next vote…SAVAGE! Who the ‘BEEP’ voted for Savage.





and sadly the tribe has spoken… Kass becomes the first member of the tribal and becomes the #QUEENofPONDEROSA (Check out CBS youtube for Ponderosa video, it’s excellent)


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