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Survivor Koah Rong Episode 7 Merge

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Subscribe to our podcast – Now also on Spotify – BRINK OF REALITY Or you can Subscribe, Stream & Download on: Omny (Use to be SoundCloud)OverCast (Android) | iTunesRSS  Links: Support our Podcast via Patreon| Join our Facebook Group | Youtube This week on Survivor, Gondol is left divided after President Obama Dr. Peter was voted out at the end of last week. Scot is having none of the remaining Brains tribe and openly declares their indecision has left him unsure he can trust Aubry and Joe.


Over at Chan Loh, Cydney notices a bulge in Neal’s pocket. (Turns out it was just string).  However before the Brawn alliance can confront Neal, a boat arrives with a message for the tribe. ‘You have 5 minutes to pack up their belongings, we are at a merge!’


Scot, Julia and Tai sitting on the beach, see the arrival of the Gondol tribe. They’ve are at the merge! Aubry is in raptors about being given a reprieve, and now feels confident of making it further in the game. After a huge feast the tribe merged tribe ‘Dara’ begins to share a little too much information after far too much rum. Scot and Jason tell Nick that they think Neal has the idol. Debbie confesses that she would love to ‘snuggle’ with Nick, even though she is happily married.


Scot also reveals to Jason and Nick that Tai has the idol. Knowing this Jason is excited about the possibility of taking total control of the game by potentially using two idols as a super idol. Neal confesses to Aubry that he has an idol and that there may be a possibility to save them both going forward, even if they do not have the numbers.


This weeks first individual immunity was the standard balls on a disc challenge while standing on a log. Joe was the first one out followed quickly by Debbie and Jason. Michelle, Neal, Scot, Cydney and Aubry fall out during the second round with two balls on their disk. Tai, Julia and Nick battle it out with 3 balls on their disc, with Nick coming out the victor.


Nick loves being the “pretty girl” on Survivor after being courted by both Brains and Brawn. Nick reveals he is leaning towards joining the Brawns over the Brains. Debbie and Aubry want to work with Michelle. Michelle wants to work with Debbie and Aubry, but does not think it will be what is best for her game. Michelle and Nick discuss what are the best options for them. Nick says Brawn is their best decision, which Michelle agrees. Michelle says Aubry should be the next person out.

Doctor Doctor give me the News.

After seeing the wounds of the contestants at the challenge, Jeff makes a suprise visit with the Doctor to take a closer look at the new merge tribe. Tai, Scot and Aubry, who is given antibiotics are given the all clear, however news does not look great for Neal. “Out here, small cuts turn nasty very quickly.” After checking him out in private, Neal is told the infection on his knee needs proper medical attention. As a life long fan of the show, Neal becomes emotional at the realisation his dream is over. The only question remains, is will he hand his hidden immunity idol to Aubry. He doesn’t. Neal jumps onto the boat and leaves the Dara beach. What did you think about Neal being sent home? Let us know in the comment section below!