Exploring Fields – Game Changers Week 10 Recap

by Jonathan Sloan – Find me on Twitter and Instagram

Here’s a quick question: If you had a secret advantage that only you knew about, and the only way that it could benefit someone else was if you were to suddenly disappear from the game, what would you do?

  1.  Hold onto your cards and use your smarts and social ability to sway someone to your side?
  2. Pretend it’s an idol?
  3. Give someone an objectively good move in taking you out and promise them your advantage even when your alliance of 3 are the only people not to vote for you
Fan Favourite Sierra Dawn Thomas. Guess which one she picked, here’s a hint: It’s half of six.

Returning from last week’s blindside of Zeke, a strong core of five has emerged, headed by Andrea with Cirie, Aubry, Michaela and Sarah in toe.

Our protagonist Sierra remained on the outside looking in, after her core of Brad and Troyzan had been fooled into voting for Tai. Sierra has shown this season she is willing to fight, with a resilient spirit and determination that allowed her to change her game so immensely compared to last season. Luckily for her, public enemy #1 is Brad Culpepper. Sierra has made it clear: she will write down whoever’s name she is told. Remind you of anyone?

The Queen Stays Queen

The Rise of Officer Sarah


As shown in this episode Officer Sarah is perceived as the one to come to by her tribe. Coming into this season, Sarah was someone willing to play an honest game, swearing on her badge. At least in the eyes of her opponents, in actuality she’s been a common factor in the last three votes both helping Debbie’s little crusade to take out Ozzy and then turning around and cutting her the week after. She’s also played Andrea and Zeke’s little rivalry to her advantage, cutting Zeke and pinning all of the negative attention on Andrea. If there was any doubt about how well Sarah is placed right now, most all of it has been quelled but to win you need to survive the challenges, speaking of which:


Reward Challenge time, and there’s a great deal of emotion in the air as the loved ones challenge kicks off. To win an all American BBQ with their loved ones the castaways were divided into three teams of three. Andrea, Aubry and Brad in orange, Cirie, Sierra and Troyzan in green, and Michela, Sarah and Tai in blue. The challenge was hard fought with all three teams keeping pace with one another until the orange team pulls away and wins in style. After the win Andrea’s mother Linda, Aubry’s sister Cari and Brad’s neat lady of a partner Monica are coming on the reward but this is Survivor and nothing on Survivor can be taken at face value because Jeff has a trick up his sleeve: “Pick someone to come with you.” Faced with an impossible decision between Sarah’s hunk of a husband that shared such a nice wave with Tai before the challenge and letting Cirie spend time with her son Jared, they are saved when after picking Sarah they get to pick another person so in the end they didn’t have to choose. The MVP of the loved ones must be Cirie’s son Jared, despite not getting any Honey Bunny, he gave us the gift of the perfect reaction face which more than makes up for his absence. It’s unfortunate we missed out on Michaela spending more time with her mother, especially since after she lost she got upset. Michela is ironing out like Rodney this season, she’s yet to go on a reward this postmerge, no wonder she’s starting to get irate.  Andrea notes that: “Michaela’s smart…… she’ll get over it.” Regardless, Candi yelling “Michaela calm down!” was a highlight of this challenge.

When you realise your mum still hasn’t gotten a vote and it’s day 30

Back at camp and Andrea has proven to have become a challenge beast. Two immunity wins, and being seen as the architect of the Zeke vote, it’s unsurprising when  she becomes the target of the stragglers on the bottom. Tai suggests that Andrea should be the next to go as he and Michaela bond on the beach, Sierra and Troyzan see an opportunity to finally get some airtime get past the next vote, setting their sights firmly on Andrea. Michaela and Tai have set themselves up nicely in the swing position for this vote.

At the Immunity Challenge, Brad wins in yet another endurance challenge and a golden opportunity for Jeff to work some of his trademark innuendo about balls into his commentary that’s been missing these past few seasons is missed. The blame may lie with Rob Cesternino, both for bringing it to our attention and for its unfortunate absence.

With Brad safe, Sierra’s the new target as Andrea, Cirie and Aubry seek to break up the worlds most boring power couple. But luckily for Sierra, Michaela has her back, and eases her worries by assuring her that the vote will be Andrea, finishing with the number one rule of Survivor. “Nobody do something stupid.”

So what does Sierra do?

Something……….. questionable

Sierra decides to pull a Yul Kwon and tries to use her legacy advantage to make a nest for herself in Sarah’s clique. This plan sounds great on paper, just some small problems: Firstly, Yul had a Tyler Perry Idol¹ and Sierra has a legacy advantage. Secondly, Yul was flipping someone to get a majority, Sierra was flipping to stay alive. Sarah to her credit plays this straight in her deadpan that gives Aubry Plaza a run for her money as she assures Sierra that she loves her and in exchange, Sierra trusts her enough to tell her that the minority are targeting Andrea.

¹Tyler Perry Idol – An immunity idol that can be played after the votes are read, seen in seasons 11, 12, 13, 28 and 32.

It’s all about Me not We!

At Tribal Council, Michaela promotes the “we or me” idea, where alliances switch and blindside people, letting them think they’re part of a group, while actually leaving them out, leading to the most talk about “we” by a group of people since R. Kelly was charged in 2002. Jeff senses a new catchphrase. “Voting Blocks” are so 2016.


So who was the “WE?” Michaela sticks with her alliance, and Tai flips with her, sending Fan Favourite Sierra Dawn Thomas home over Andrea 6-3. Sierra writes down Sarah’s name passing on her Legacy Advantage.

Sarah gets the MVP of the episode for using her incredible acting range to advance her game, while Jared is a close runner up for providing Survivor fans everywhere with the perfect reaction image.

8 remain. Who will be voted out next?


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