What a fitting finish to an excellent episode of Survivor. This season continues to go from strength to strength. With 11 remaining I still have no clear idea where alliances stand and who will be the eventual winner.

Here are my ramblings as I watched this episode for a second time.

Opening with Savage and Jeremy discussing the game, I wondered whether they were going to play it ‘old school’ and try and run the numbers down, by eliminating the holy trinity (Abi, Ciera, & Wentworth). “Brilliant plan… Perfectly executed!”

Meanwhile Stephen wants to make big moves, but will he use Ciera to help him make those moves? Ciera is a player you can count on to make a move when she has to make the move. With her back to the wall she could be a perfect ally for Stephen. Stephen is adamant he needs to target Joe. “It has to be Joe,” he like JT is one of the ‘Golden Boys!’

At the reward challenge I wondered who that women Jeff Probst was talking to… Wait that’s Kelly Wiglesworth… she’s on this season? Oh she lost to Gervase who can’t swim. I remember now.

The challenge involves rowing out and past a marker and then collecting large boxes with a different color on each face. Once back on land they need to match four different colors, on four separate sides of the rotating stand.

Is this the right time for Stephen to tell us another poem as they head out onto the boats? Both boats collide as they make the turn “Cut em’ off Keith.” The team of Wentworth, Wiglesworth, Kimmi, Keith, Ciera, and Joe dominate the challenge coming out victorious.

While on reward, Ciera is scheming trying to get back into the game. Keith however, provides arguably the best moment of the season. Did someone say #TOTOS. Keith starts the TOTOS and begin riding it along the beach. He then takes the whole team for a cruise. Has Keith found a new career for when he hangs up his Fireman’s helmet?

Meanwhile back at camp, Stephen is upset he does not get a chance to build relationships with the others… Stephen you have 5 people right here to make relationships with! Stephen is continuing to throw Joe’s name around camp. Savage overhears his strategizing. This can’t be good. Only Savage can make Survivor gameplay sound downright dirty.

Immunity is up for grabs, and Joe needs this to take the target off his back. Despite a great effort from Keith who we know is great with ‘balls,’ Joe is victorious for the second consecutive week.

Back at camp, has Kelley Wentworth always had those giant glasses? I’m starting to get worried about Stephen, it looks like the alliance is thinking about getting him out for overplaying. Can Jeremy sway the vote?

At tribal council Jeff is asking whether anyone has an idol. If Kelley Wentworth plays her idol, it could be bad news for Ciera, if the majority split the vote.

Jeff asks “If anybody has a hidden immunity idol, and you want to play it, now is the time to do so.”

“You know what Jeff, I may be on the bottom, but i’m not ready to go home yet.” Kelly uses her idol and tribal council erupts in shock, who is going home?

9 votes, Kelley Wentworth, “will not count”, next vote Savage, “…unbelievable”

“8th person voted out and second person to join the jury, Savage.”


“Tonight’s Tribal centered around when is somebody going to make a big move, turns out it was tonight.”

It was indeed.