After the airing of Survivor Kaôh Rōng (June 2016), we conducted a survey of the Australian Survivor Community, to find out where Australians ranked the 32 seasons of Survivor. Here are their results!

32. SURVIVOR: Thailand (S5)


31. SURVIVOR: Marquesas (S4)

30. SURVIVOR: Nicaragua (S21)

29. SURVIVOR: Gabon (S17)

28. SURVIVOR: South Pacific (S23)


27. SURVIVOR: Fiji (S14)

26. SURVIVOR: Vanuatu (S9)

25. SURVIVOR: One World (S24)

24. SURVIVOR: Panama (S12)

23. SURVIVOR: Guatemala (S11)

22. SURVIVOR: Redemption Island (S22)

21. SURVIVOR: Africa (S3)

20. SURVIVOR: San Juan Del Sur – Blood v Water 2 (S29)

19. SURVIVOR: Palau (S10)

18. SURVIVOR: Tocantins (S18)

17. SURVIVOR: Caramoan – Fans v Favorites 2 (S26)

16. SURVIVOR: Cook Islands (S13)

15. SURVIVOR: Samoa (S19)

14. SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart (S30)

13. SURVIVOR: China (S15)

12. SURVIVOR: Borneo (S1)

11. SURVIVOR: Kaôh Rōng (S32)

10. SURVIVOR: Phillippines (S25)

9. SURVIVOR: The Amazon (S6)

8. SURVIVOR: All-Stars (S8)

7. SURVIVOR: Blood vs. Water (S27)

6. SURVIVOR: Australian Outback

5. SURVIVOR: Cambodia- Second Chance (S31)

4. SURVIVOR: Cagayan – Brains v Beauty v Brawn (S28)

3. SURVIVOR: Pearl Islands (S7)

2. SURVIVOR: Micronesia (S16)

1. SURVIVOR: Heroes vs. Villains (S20)

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What do you agree and/or disagree with? Let us know. Give us your rankings.