The much hyped, reformation of TOP GEAR, landed this week, with Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc, taking the wheel from the established trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Anticipation was high for the rebirth of the worlds most popular motoring show.

While the episode sounded and looked like TOP GEAR, Evans as host will need to ease into the role, after appearing to be trying too hard to impress on debut. Many on social media wondered why Evans was SHOUTING so much.


Highlights of the episode included a challenge with Evans and LeBlanc driving Reliant Robins to Blackpool. The US v UK theme might be a regular one throughout the series, and was not one that came across to viewers positively.  The chemistry between Evans and LeBlanc will undoubtedly take time to develop, however having them as a duo their relationship appeared fake at times.

Gordon Ramsay and Jesse Eisenberg were part of a new segment where two celebrities would battle against each other in the Star in a Rally Car challenge using the existing Top Gear track with modifications to take take the celebrities off road onto a dirt surface that included water and a jump. Ramsay was a highlight for the night, brining wit and typical Ramsay style to the set. BBC might need to get the check book out to have him on the show more regularly.

The highlight of the night came with new show EXTRA GEAR premiering hosted by Rory Reid and Chris Harris. The show felt more genuine, real and like a modern version of Top Gear.  Reid and Harris both have excellent car knowledge and presented with calmness and ease not seen on the main show.

According to the Daily Mail UK – “A poll by motoring magazine TrackCar Performance found more than 80% of viewers preferred the spin-off, which was the fifth most-watched show on iPlayer this morning.”  READ MORE