Spoiler alert! The following contains spoilers for season 6 episode 4 of The Walking Dead.

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Last nights extended retrospective episode on the tribulations of Morgan left many continuing to ponder the question – Is Glenn really dead?

The episode titled “Here’s not Here” provided great detail into Morgans mental state and the depths of despair he endured, losing his humanity. Morgan is seen killing two humans, as he believes his role is to now ‘CLEAR’ anyone or anything in his path.

Morgan stumbles upon the home of Eastman – a former forensic psychologist who used to work with violent criminals. In defence Eastman captures Morgan and places him in a jail cell he has built in his home – we later discovered was used to hold and starve the man who murdered Eastman’s family.

While at first adversarial, Morgan begins to regain his humanity through his practice of Aikido with Eastman and through the book ‘the Art of Peace.’ The episode details why Morgan is now against killing.

Morgan is forced to confront his demons by returning to his former campsite where he had murdered the two humans. He is looking for a map to find Rick. Out of the trees on of those, now turned deceased, is seen walking towards Morgan who is standing frozen. Eastman makes the ultimate sacrifice, getting bitten and subsequently dying.

After burying Eastman with the deceased Walkers, Morgan heads back out looking for others. He comes across the train lines – TERMINUS. He is seen heading towards that direction.

The episode concludes with a flash forward to the present day with Morgan retelling the story to a captured Wolves in Alexandria.

The question million of viewers were left to ponder was is Glenn dead. We did not get any answers. Or did we. The opening credits from this weeks episode excluded Glenn – Steven Yeun’s name.



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