(* 1=Not a good move, 2=Okay move, 3=Satisfactory move, 4=Good move, 5=Amazing move) 

Game Moves Samatau 5

Today we look at the moves made and their impact on the game. Below is a list of 30 moves made in the game rated on a 1-5 scale by the Patrons of our community.

#1 Tessa using her challenge reward to convince Luke and Michelle to flip on Henry (Champagne Alliance) – 4.61/5

Thoughts: A great move in the game. Sarahs role in turning Jericho against Henry has been underrated.

#2 AK turning the tribe against Adam – 4.45/5

Thoughts: It was the battle of the Superfans; Locky not wanting to compete against another Alpha male in my opinion was the real driving factor behind Adam’s departure.

#3 Ziggy shouting “I’m Sorry Anneliese” – 4.29/5

Thoughts: My personal favourite move of the season. This moment was amazing (sorry Anneliese) as a viewer!

#4 Jarrad’s conversation with Peter to lock in the Samatau 5 – 4.10/5
Thoughts: The way it was presented was that Jarrad convinced Peter to join the 5. I give Peter more credit for the move, but as a combined decision, it worked best for all involved.

#5 Tessa and AK decide to work together with Tessa choosing Samatau 5 over Tara’s Misfit Alliance (She’s desperate moment) – 4.06/5

Thoughts: Desperate people do desperate things… Like joining your target.

#6 Michelle convincing Samatau Ben wanted Locky out – 4.03/5

Thoughts: How Michelle was not voted out that night is still perplexing. We love Ben, but he dug his own grave.

#7 Luke and Sarah agreeing to work together again to vote out Odette – 3.68/5

Thoughts: Odette had the potential to be this seasons Kristie. Under the radar, being non offensive, the ultimate floater. The right call was made.

#8 Henry is a Yoga instructor – 3.65/5

Thoughts:  Love the move or hate the move, it got ZenHen cast on the show and for the most part he pulled it off successfully

#9 Luke builds a “Spy Shack” – 3.65/5

Thoughts: Tony should of trademarked this. Does Luke build a bunker on his return?

#10 AK telling the tribe about Tarzan having an idol and giving it to Tessa – 3.65/5

Tarzan Tessa AK.jpg

Thoughts: Considering the dynamics of the tribe and everything we’ve heard post game about the type of player Tarzan was out on the island, the right decision was made.

#11 Ben deciding to mutiny to Samatau – 3.39/5

Thoughts: Ben was not appreciated at all by Asaga, a fresh start was the right decision.

#12 Anneliese telling Sarah about her hidden immunity idol clue for the upcoming challenge – 3.35/5
Thoughts: Anneliese needed an ally to build trust in. The biggest mistake was not reconnecting at the merge.

#13 Peter deciding to mutiny to Samatau – 3.32/5

Thoughts: It appeared Peter was being voted out. So a no brainer to flip back to Samatau.

#14 Michelles decision to flip on Luke, Jeri and Sarah and vote out Sarah – 3.29/5


#15 Sarah, Luke and Jericho splitting 3-2-2-2 to vote out Tessa – 3.27/5
Thoughts: Michelle had every right to be ‘livid.’ The right decision in my mind still was to take out Locky that night.

#16 Locky winning 3 immunity challenges in a row to save himself from elimination – 3.19/5
Thoughts: He needed to do a Mike Holloway to win this game. He was 2 seconds away from a Car and potentially a $500k cheque.

#17 Tara and Anneliese deciding to work with Lukes alliance over Jacqui and Kent after being swapped to Asaga (post vote out) – 3.13/5

Thoughts: Both Tara and Anneliese made the right decision. Jacqui and Kent were not open at all to an alliance.

#18 Henry throwing the challenge to eliminate Sam – 3.06/5

Thoughts: This is a contentious decision. I feel if he had of stayed on Samatau and strengthened his core alliance this move would be higher rated.

#19 Henry replanting his Idol to find with Jericho – 3.06/5
Thoughts: Super risky move because others knew Henry already had the idol. I like the move, I just think the timing was off.

#20 Jericho sharing his Cookies to create the “Cookie Alliance” – 3.03/5

Thoughts: Cookies!

#21 Henry giving Jericho an Idol clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol he had already found – 2.90/5

jericho and henry.jpg

Thoughts:I liked this move a lot more than others. It did not ultimately pay off but was worth the risk.

#22 Tara picking lollies over comfort and sharing them with Ziggy – 2.84/5

Thoughts: This alliance had potential. I like the decision from Tara picking Ziggy.

#23 Samatau picking Ziggy for the Ultimate Reward – 2.81/5

Thoughts: At the time it looked like a safe decision. Really anyone in the Samatau 5 with the exception of AK would of been a good choice to go on this reward.

#24 Jericho voting Tessa off the Jury – 2.77/5

Thoughts: Tessa probably had more sway on the Jury than others. Still sad we never got to see Tessa at final tribal council.

#25 AK playing his Idol on Jarrad – 2.61/5

AK Idol Play.gif
Thoughts: He had leveraged his Idol as safety for that vote. He had to play it, but still unsure if playing it on Jarrad was the right decision.

#26 Tara deciding to take Jericho to allow Jericho to make fire at final 4 instead of voting with Michelle and Peter. –  2.20/5

Thoughts: She guaranteed herself a spot in the top 2 with this move. I don’t hate this at all. Tara had an uphill battle against any of the other players final 4.

#27 Ziggy playing her Super Idol on Anneliese – 2.03/5

Thoughts:  I dislike the twist more than I dislike the move. Ziggy was realigning herself with power players, but I think she could of done more to prepare her former Samatau alliance.

#28 Anneliese and Henry sharing that they both had an Idol – 2.03/5

Thoughts: At this stage of the game there was the potential for Henry and Anneliese to work together and Henry also building a relationship with Ziggy. All the idols in one alliance.

#29 Henry deciding to mutiny to Samatau with Idol in his pocket – 1.90/5 Henry and Ben go to Samatau.jpg
Thoughts: I personally think he should of stayed in Asaga, built upon his alliance and voted out Luke. But I love that Henry was so willing to take risks.

#30 Tarzan picking Firewood – 1.48/5

Thoughts: Really what was Tarzan thinking. Take the Cookies man!

Disclaimer: In a 55 day game there will be moves that were made that are not included on this list. This list was compiled with the help of the Patrons of our podcast. Any big moves missed, please comment below.

What do you think?