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Bret LaBelle Cast Preview Special of Survivor 37 David v Goliath

Bret LaBelle
“Slayed The Survivor Dragon” – Bret LaBelle on the thirteenth episode of SURVIVOR: Millennials vs. Gen. X, Wednesday, Dec. 7 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Ryan’s incorrect predictions

20. Lyrsa
19. Mike
18. Pat
17. Bi
16. Alison
15. Alec
14. Davie
13. Kara
12. Christian
11. John
10. Carl
9. Elizabeth
8. Gabby
7. Natalia
6. Jeremy
5. Natalie
4. Angelina
3. Jessica
2. Dan
1. Nick

Player Timestamps for our preview

Podcast Intro

Goliaths Tribe

Alec Merlino – 0:20:20

Alison Raybould – 0:25:50

Angelina Keeley – 0:31:20

Dan Rengering – 0:36:20

Jeremy Crawford – 0:45:10

John Hennigan – 0:52:00

Kara Kay – 0:58:25

Mike White -1:01:25

Natalia Azoqa – 1:08:25

Natalie Cole – 1:11:25

David Tribe

Bi Nguyen – 1:18:55

Carl Boudreaux – 1:22:45

Christian Hubicki – 1:26:20

Davie Rickenbacker – 1:30:30

Elizabeth Olsen – 1:36:10

Gabby Pascuzzi – 1:40:10

Jessica Preet – 1:43:50

Lyrsa Torres – 1:46:50

Nick Wilson – 1:50:05

Pat Cusack – 1:53:40

Sexy 7 including first boots and winners picks -1:57:00

Past Season Previews with Bret LaBelle

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Meet the Survivor David v Goliath cast that just dropped today! The theme is incredibly similar to Australian Survivor Champion v Contenders


The David tribe consists of (clockwise, from back left): Elizabeth Olsen, Carl Boudreaux, Nick Wilson, Dave Rickenbacker, Pat Cusack, Christian Hubicki, Gabby Pascuzzi, Jessica Peet, Lyrsa Torres, and Bi Nguyen. Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Bi Nguyen

Age: 28
Hometown: Houston
Current residence: Houston
Occupation: MMA Fighter

Hobbies: Reading, anything with water, and working out.

Pet peeves: People who complain constantly.

Three words to describe you: Strong, smart, and funny.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Carl Boudreaux

Age: 41
Hometown: Beaumont, Texas
Current residence: Houston
Occupation: Truck Driver

Hobbies: Fishing, riding horses, and shooting pool.

Pet peeves: When people “smack” gum.

Three words to describe you: Objective, tenacious, and adventurous.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Christian Hubicki

Age: 32
Hometown: Baltimore
Current residence: Tallahassee, Florida
Occupation: Robotics Scientist

Hobbies: Clarinet, primarily classical. I do gigs and perform in orchestras. Casual coding. I once wrote a computer program to crate train my dog. Success was mixed. Sous chef to my girlfriend—I chop, she cooks. Together, we make some good food. Probably because she handles the more important job.

Pet peeves: Condescension, clichés, and reckless abuse of percentages.

Three words to describe you: Intellectual, jovial, and driven.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Davie Rickenbacker

Age: 30
Hometown: Orangeburg, South Carolina
Current residence: Atlanta
Occupation: Social Media Manager

Hobbies: Swimming, hiking, biking, fishing—basically any outdoor activity that involves my huskies. Playing Scrabble, cosplaying, and memes!

Pet peeves: I don’t like people making decisions for me, especially without asking my opinion. Never expect a free ride with me if I see you being complacent. I will push you to get up and show initiative. There’s nothing that bothers me more than a lazy person who acts privileged around those who’ve had to work for things their entire life. Oh, and calling me Dave or David instead of Davie, my momma named me that!

Three words to describe you: Uncommon, adventurous, and calculating.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Elizabeth Olsen

Age: 31
Hometown: Dallas, Ft. Worth, Texas
Current residence: Longview, Texas
Occupation: Kitchen Staff

Hobbies: Gardening and growing my own food, horseback riding (haven’t had horses for a few years though), and cooking down to earth but fantastic food.

Pet peeves: Oh, I hate lazy people. And people that don’t have a lick of common sense—I would call them stupid. Momma always said to use your noodle—God gave it to you for a reason. Boring and dull pisses me off too. Oh and whiners—I can’t stand whining!

Three words to describe you: Hardworking, unique, and crazy.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Gabby Pascuzzi

Age: 25
Hometown: St. Augustine, Florida
Current residence: Denver
Occupation: Technical Writer

Hobbies: Hiking, binge-watching cooking shows but never cooking, reading too many online reviews before I commit to anything.

Pet peeves: Loud chewers, people who are wrong about facts but think they are right, people who lack self-awareness.

Three words to describe you: Excitable, intelligent, and empathetic.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Jessica Preet

Age: 19
Hometown: Lakeland, Florida
Current residence: Lakeland, Florida
Occupation: Waitress

Hobbies: Going to the beach, traveling, photography, shopping, and working out.

Pet peeves: Not saying “bless you” when someone sneezes, people who chew with their mouth open, and people who interrupt while others are talking.

Three words to describe you: Outgoing, positive, and motivated.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Lyrsa Torres

Age: 36
Hometown: Puerto Rico
Current residence: Boston
Occupation: Airline Agent

Hobbies: Kickboxing, writing, and drawing.

Pet peeves: I can’t stand a dirty kitchen, people that won’t stop talking about themselves, and unnecessary continuous noises.

Three words to describe you: Overachiever, funny, and resourceful.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Nick Wilson

Age: 27
Hometown: Williamsburg, Kentucky
Current residence: Williamsburg, Kentucky
Occupation: Public Defender

Hobbies: Boating on the lake, four-wheeler riding, and tailgating football games and Keeneland horse races.

Pet peeves: People getting offended over every little thing and know-it-alls.

Three words to describe you: Charming, outgoing, and intelligent.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Pat Cusack

Age: 40
Hometown: Cohoes, New York
Current residence: Watervliet, New York
Occupation: Maintenance Manager

Hobbies: Hunting, football, and boating.

Pet peeves: Cracking my knuckles.

Three words to describe you: Funny, hard-working, and loving.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment


The Goliath tribe consists of (clockwise, from back left): Jeremy Crawford, Alec Merlino, Alison Raybould, John Hennigan, Dan Rengering, Angelina Keeley, Natalia Azoqa, Kara Kay, Natalie Cole and Mike White. Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Alec Merlino

Age: 24
Hometown: San Clemente, California
Current residence: San Clemente, California
Occupation: Bartender
Hobbies: Surfing, playing guitar, and making travel videos.
Pet peeves: Terrible drivers, traffic, and people that exaggerate during a story.
Three words to describe you: Charismatic, tenacious, and humorous.
Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Alison Raybould

Age: 28
Hometown: Leawood, Kansas
Current residence: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Occupation: Physician

Hobbies: Getting to the bottom of bottomless breadsticks at Olive Garden. Working out in any capacity—typically swimming, circuit training, running or hiking. Playing medical “would you rather” with friends.

Pet peeves: A sense of entitlement, when someone eats the last bite of a meal after I have been carefully constructing the perfect final bite, and slow drivers in the left hand lane.

Three words to describe you: Hero, healer, and hustler.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Angelina Keeley

Age: 28
Hometown: Sparks, Nevada
Current residence: San Clemente, California
Occupation: Financial Consultant

Hobbies: Traveling the world, trying new things, political activism, hosting margarita nights, dancing, workout classes, anything involving French bulldogs, and starting my non-profit Ready to Run, which encourages, empowers, and equips middle school and high school aged girls to run for student government positions in their schools.

Pet peeves: Indecisiveness, when people don’t vote, and when people don’t like dogs.

Three words to describe you: Intuitive, persuasive, and loving.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Dan Rengering

Age: 27
Hometown: Lake Butler, Florida
Current Residence: Gainesville, Florida
Occupation: S.W.A.T. Officer

Hobbies: Working out in the gym, running at the stadium, or running the S.W.A.T. obstacle course, playing video games, and having date nights with my daughters.

Pet peeves: I can’t stand people that are lazy. Go out and get what you want! Don’t complain about it and do nothing and expect it to happen. I also hate when people cut me off while I’m talking. Please let me finish what I have to say, it may be important.

Three words to describe you: Determined, athletic, and competitive.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Jeremy Crawford

Age: 40
Hometown: Clover, South Carolina
Current residence: New York City
Occupation: Attorney

Hobbies: Traveling, dancing, and genealogy.

Pet peeves: Lateness, illogicalness, and entitlement.

Three words to describe you: Funny, logical, and intuitive.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

John Hennigan

Age: 38
Hometown: Los Angeles
Current residence: Los Angeles
Occupation: Pro Wrestler

Hobbies: Parkour/MMA, writing, and surfing.

Pet peeves: Unsolicited advice. Delusional people.

Three words to describe you: Irreverent, ambitious, and optimistic.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Kara Kay

Age: 30
Hometown: San Diego
Current residence: San Diego
Occupation: Realtor

Hobbies: Friends (not the show, real people). Running/biking/yoga. Dancing/snowboarding.

Pet peeves: Drivers who use their brakes unnecessarily, oblivious people, and when anyone tells someone else how to live their life.

Three words to describe you: Energetic, persistent, and passionate.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Mike White

Age: 47
Hometown: San Diego
Current residence: Los Angeles
Occupation: Filmmaker

Hobbies: Travel, wine enthusiast, and water sports.

Pet peeves: I’m impatient with bigots.

Three words to describe you: Curious/ funny, dynamic, and imaginative.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Natalia Azoqa

Age: 25
Hometown: Irvine, California
Current residence: Irvine, California
Occupation: Industrial Engineer

Hobbies: Fitness, reading, and game nights with friends and family.

Pet peeves: Number one for me is if people do not clean their teeth properly. It is the first thing I look at when I talk to people and sometimes it looks like a person hasn’t brushed their teeth in days. What is that life?

I also do not like when people stand too close to me in lines and people who tap their feet loudly. If I can feel the table moving because of your foot then there is a problem.

Three words to describe you: Confident, charismatic, and blunt.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Natalie Cole

Age: 56
Hometown: Los Angeles
Current residence: Los Angeles
Occupation: Publishing CEO

Hobbies: Roller skating, traveling (live concerts and plays), and creating things (natural skincare, soaps, cleansers).

Pet peeves: People who are negative. People who talk too much listen too little and “can’t bust a grape.” People who tend to say no before they consider “the yes.” People who are quitters as they are too lazy, ignorant, or a combination thereof to do better.

People who lack motivation but want others to make things happen for them. Sagging pants on young men. When my employees make silly errors that cost me revenue and lastly, when people sign up for things and are not fully committed, thereby negatively impacting results.

Three words to describe you: Competitive, decisive, and persistent.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

20 new castaways about to start the adventure of a life. Survivor David v Goliath will premiere Thursday, September 27th in Australian and Wednesday, September 26 at 8:00 PM in the US with a special 90-minute episode.

Who do you think will win? Who will be the first one out?

Full Bios can be found via CBS: