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Someone dial up Judge Judy and Dr Phil, because there is some major disorder in Paradise.

Look we’re not just trying to spruik up other 10 programming, but tonight’s explosive episode of Bachelor In Paradise had more drama then a scene from Bold and The Beautiful.

In this island soap opera, Caroline Lunny and Cass Wood were desperate for a snog from partners Richie Strahan and American Alex, Ivan Krslovic, Nathan Favro and Tenille Favios found themselves in the world’s most awks love triangle, Davey Lloyd descended onto Paradise with a game plan to woo Florence Alexandra and oh-em-gee, four of your favourites farewelled Fiji. 

While love sick puppy Ivan was still drooling over his unrequited love interest Tenille, Davey arrived back into Paradise to find out that Flo was on a date. To his pleasant surprise, the blonde bombshell arrived back onto the island less than impressed with her date with Canadian Daniel.

While having a chin wag with Ivan, Alisha mentioned a romantic exchange between Nathan and Tenille which had him seeing red. Ivan later chatted with Nathan, who tried to explain that his possessive behaviour wasn’t appropriate, but Ivan wouldn’t have a bar of it.

Zoe O’Brien found a cryptic note in her bungalow which saw her on a treasure hunt to find…Mack Reid. She appreciated the effort, but it became clear quite quickly that they were better off as friends.

Ivan asked Bill Goldsmith to help tee him up a chat with Tenille, where he asked her to stay away from Alex Nation, Bill and Nathan, which she didn’t feel comfortable with.

Caroline found a date card with Tenille’s name on it. Throwing caution to the wind and completely disregarding Ivan’s request, Tenille chose Nathan to spend some quality time together.

Later at the cocktail party, Tenille and Nathan entered Paradise with some major smiles on their dials. 

In a desperate attempt to scramble for a rose, Ivan cut in on American Alex and took Caroline aside for a chat.

In a scene more cringe then the chocolate bath fiasco of 2016, Ivan asked if they could explore things and if he could kiss her. She adequately replied, “If you have to ask then now is not the right time”.

Canadian Daniel and Mack both scrambled for a rose with Zoe in their sights. In an effort to be completely honest, Zoe spoke with Mack and said that while he is a beautiful person, she doesn’t want him to put all his eggs in one basket.

Richie took Cass aside to explain that he was cautious coming into Paradise and while Cass had in no way let him down, factors like living in different cities were too much for him to handle. He wanted to do what was best for them both and decided to leave Paradise.

Alex then spoke with Cass and explained that she went through the same thing with Richie. She explained that whilst he is a good person, he is lost and would have been genuinely scared of hurting her.

Osher opened the rose ceremony by announcing that Cass had chosen to leave.

In the end, it was down to Zoe to decide who stayed and with tears in her eyes she chose Mack, meaning we said goodbye to Ivan and Daniel.