High Ropes And Even Higher Hopes.

Paradise was calm… suspiciously calm after last night’s rose ceremony.

Osher appeared announced a battle for the bachies, splitting the entire camp into two teams.

Alex Bordyukov was gutted that he wasn’t with Brooke Blurton. Again! She was teamed with his biggest competition on the island Alex Nation and Nathan Favro.

In Paradise anything can happen and with a group date up for grabs, sabotage and dirty tactics soon arose.

While no red or yellow cards were served, ref. Osher was there to ensure that the result was fair. Richie Strahan’s team took home the prize, some couch surfing shenanigans across the Pacific Ocean.

Alex and Brooke were ready to get their flirt on, but Nathan carefully positioned himself in between the girls, making himself a fine Brooke Nation sandwich.

Nathan pulled Brooke aside to try to understand where he stood. Nathan knew he was complicating things for her and felt it was time that he’d give this love square one less corner.

Shannon asked Osher if she could bring Davey back. Given Osher isn’t a love genie, he couldn’t grant Shannon her wish but did give her some food for thought.

Zoe O’Brien, the girl with the winning curls from Blake Garvey’s season of The Bachelor arrived excited to find out what Paradise may bring.

While Jules, American Alex and Bill thought she was an absolute babe, they made it clear that they were already taken.

When the couch surfers returned from the high seas, Nathan and Ivan Krslovic were pleasantly surprised with the new and bubbly addition to Paradise.

Shannon laid her cards out on the table with Connor Obrochta, she wanted to explore Paradise. Knowing that he was no longer tied down, he accepted Zoe’s invitation for a date.

Zoe and Connor headed on a high ropes escapade and after some flirting they settled down for a chance to get to know each other. Love was in the air for Zoe, however these feelings became awkward when Connor admitted he had Shannon on his mind.

Back in Paradise, Jules Bourne and Alisha Aitken-Radburn put on their best party shirts to explore if they could be made of boyfriend/girlfriend material.

Finally, Rachael saw an opportunity to try to woo ‘her Bachelor’ by stealing Richie away and treating him to a candlelit beach dinner. She preceded to tell him how serious she was about him.

Wondering whether Rachael had lost her coconuts, Richie thought it was as clear as white rum that he had no intention of rekindling a romance.

Tonight’s explosive episode of Bachelor In Paradisemade an episode of Jerry Springer look like 7thHeaven.

There were tears and tantrums, break-ups and shake-ups, walk-outs, infidelity and some serious personal space invasion from resident hip-thruster Ivan Krslovic.

Crafty Bachie producers plucked Bill Goldsmith from Paradise and onto a catamaran to greet fiery Dutch beauty, and Bachelor In Paradise veteran Florence Alexandra.

After plenty of flirtation and saliva swapping, their boat date ended with a saucy spa session.

With the chance to stay overnight, Florence asked Bill if there would be anyone back in Paradise waiting up for him. He brushed the comment aside and chose not to mention Alex. Bill…you sly fox. 

Not wanting to string Brooke Blurton on any longer, Alex Nation told Brooke her feelings had surpassed and she was fully focused on Bill. 

Richie Strahan and Cass Wood continued spending time together much to the annoyance of Rachael Gouvignon. After watching the pair frolic on a paddleboard together, an aggravated Rachael confronted Cass about her outward disregard for her feelings.

Frustrated by all the drama, Richie finally took an emotional Rachael aside to set the record straight on his feelings. Safe to say, she did not take it well.

Brittney Weldon was frustrated that Ivan had dropped her like a hot potato and felt that with the boys having the power at the next rose ceremony, if a new girl walked in, she would be gone.

Cue the arrival of Tenille Favios from Nick Cummins season of The Bachelor Australia. The brunette bombshell set tongues wagging and Ivan, Nathan Favro and Jules Bourne looked on like three dogs in front of a rotisserie chicken.

Brooke took Alex Nation aside and explained that she had decided to leave Paradise.

Paradise’s seemingly perfect couple had a debrief on the hammock together and Jules expressed that if a date card came along, he would take Tenille.

The news crushed Alisha who made it very clear that she was only interested in Jules. Realising that he had hurt Alisha’s feelings, Jules started to cry.

As Bill and Florence walked into Paradise hand-in-hand, Alex was left feeling confused.

When she took Bill aside for a chat, he initially spoke about their time together in past tense. When Alex pulled him up about it, he apologised and said it was an oversight, but Alex felt he had already written their relationship off.

Flo decided to take matters into her own hands and chat with Alex to get the facts. Both women were left unhappy after finding out that Bill had woken up next to Alex on the morning of his date and had asked Flo to stay with him later that night.

At tonight’s rose ceremony we said goodbye to Rachael and Brittney. Brittney chose to tell Ivan that he had disrespected her and walked away satisfied that she had the chance to say it to him.

Later, Alex confronted Bill on what he had said to Flo, and the man was furious.

Are you ready for more tea on Tuesday? BYO gloves because we guarantee this pot is scorching.