Welcome to Week 8 of our 2017 Australian Survivor Power Rankings!

Your three Power Rankers for this season are superfans – aka #SurvivorAU megafans, James ‘I’ll get on the show one day’ Rowland, the easily confused Jonathan Sloan, along with first-time watcher Josh Willett.

This season, three of us will take a weekly look at each player left in the game, ranking them in order from most likely – least likely to win the game as of the end of the weeks’ action.

The scoring system is pretty simple; each ranker receives points correlating to the Survivor’s ranking the week they are voted out. For example, if the next person voted out was Jericho, James would score 4 points, Jonathan would score 1 and Josh would score 3. At the end of the season, the highest scorer wins.

This segment, and this website in general, is all about feedback, so please comment/tweet about who you agree with, and make this a real discussion between the fan community.


Competition Standings (Up until the end of episode 18) – Jarrad, Anneliese, Henry voted out this week.

1. James – 74 Points ( up 12)

2. Josh – 66 Points ( up 15)

3. Jonathan – 64 Points ( up 13)



James Rowland



Jonathan Sloan



Josh Willett



1 Luke Toki Jericho Malabonga Tessa O’Halloran
2 Sarah Tilleke Sarah Tilleke Sarah Tilleke
3 Michelle Dougan Tara Pitt Jericho Malabonga
4 Jericho Malabonga Michelle Dougan Nicola ‘Ziggy’ Zagame
5 Tessa O’Halloran Peter Conte Peter Conte
6 Tara Pitt Tessa O’Halloran Michelle Dougan
7 Peter Conte Luke Toki Luke Toki
8 Locky Gilbert Nicola ‘Ziggy’ Zagame Tara Pitt
9 Nicola ‘Ziggy’ Zagame Locky Gilbert Locky Gilbert


  1. The fact that Luke got the entire auction reward (which couldn’t of happened to a funnier bloke) and received very little backlash just shows the level of affection everyone has toward him. Luke has been targeting big players and making big moves yet Henry and Tara were so adamant on Luke’s loyalty that Henry went home with an idol in his pocket. Luke knows when to swing and his duo with Jericho is still rock solid.
  2. What a nice little trick by the editors to throw us that curveball and show Sarah getting pissed off and not giving us the explanation until about twenty minutes later. Sarah used a touchy subject in food as a focal point to launch a fake attack at Tessa which tricked her alliance into a false sense of security that the next vote was easy. Masterfully acted and far smarter than just a nonsensical lie. Sarah knew exactly what she was doing and if not for that Henry may of gotten more cautious.
  3. I was down on Michelle at the start of the week when it took her right until just before tribal to realise she was on the bottom of Samatau and flip. Now at the end of the week I am really up on her. She was admittedly swayed by the reward but realised the opportunity to remove a challenge threat while simultaneously flushing the idol. Her false guise at tribal was top notch.
  4. Jericho showed his naivety again with the idol plant by Henry and if not for a smart Sarah, Jericho may of pushed harder to keep Henry. In saying that, he’s in a good position where he’s in the majority, a strong challenge performer (but NOT the top dog) and in a tight couple with Luke. Good for now.
  5. Tessa is a real fighter. The writing was on the wall for her to be the next vote off and she chose the right person to join her on the reward with Michelle. Without that pick she may of lost her ally in Peter this week. Tessa is well aware of her surroundings and can identify who to exploit with what ploy. For Michelle it was champagne and for Luke/Sarah it was a coming together to eliminate a threat and idol.
  6. Can we label Tara a ‘possum in the headlights’? It seems she was the only person who did not know about Anneliese’s idol and her reaction to Henry’s vote off was priceless. Tara is not making her own moves as of yet so she probably won’t be targeted now.
  7. Peter lied well to Locky and Henry, it reinforced to Henry that Locky was the target and if everything went haywire that he would be safe. I am worried that he won’t be able to claim the move as his own and Tessa might take the credit in a FTC scenario.
  8. Now that the alliances have been shaken up again (YES to season two’s game players btw), Locky will have to be high on the hit list. With Henry out of the picture, Locky is in the alpha male role and will find it very difficult to make it to the end. He loves an immunity challenge and the moment he doesn’t have the necklace, I see him being targeted.
  9. Ziggy, Ziggy, Ziggy. The fact that you flipped isn’t the issue. It’s that you flipped onto an alliance where you were on the clear bottom. Maybe you got an itchy super idol trigger finger but Henry and Locky didn’t want to go against you in the end. You burned bridges hard on the Samatau side and your physical dominance is more than enough for you to be the next target. Ziggy needs to leverage her idol in a way where she can gain the numbers and not just escape the vote for one night.


  1. Jericho hasn’t been on the wrong side of the vote ever since the Mark W vote on Day 18, so he’s now been firmly implanted in the majority for over three weeks in game time. Strong in challenges and still has his shield in Luke. Also is now obsessed with war metaphors, which I’m super on-board with.
  2. Sarah single handedly tricked all of Reddit with her ‘temper tantrum’ after not being taken by Tessa on the reward, which shows just how good an actor she is out there. Has proven to be ruthless in cutting people who she didn’t need anymore (Anneliese, Henry).
  3. Let’s face it, at this point, Tara is basically a lock for the final 5. I’m sure she’ll get there and assume it was due to her incredible strategic gameplay. It’s not. Tara is the biggest goat we’ve seen since Missy in SJDS.
  4. On a personal note, Michelle is everything I hate in a player; whiny, entitled and just floating wherever the power is while somehow claiming that she was the one leading the charge. However, I can’t deny that she’s playing it very well.
  5. Grab yourself a life vest Petey, because you’re gonna be floating through this game for a while. Just hang out with Tessa, you’ll be fine.
  6. Huge last episode for Tessa in convincing Luke to jump on board with the Champagne Alliance (side note, why are we naming alliances now? This isn’t Big Brother). Tessa has also been a strong challenge competitor, but there’s a huge target growing on her back.
  7. There’s a bunch of people going big game hunting out on that beach, and there’s no bigger catch than the king of Asaga himself. Luke has set the pace of this game so far, and if he wants to stay alive, he needs to continue at this breakneck speed, and Tessa probably needs to be his next target.
  8. Oh Ziggy. This has not gone well for you. You still have an idol, but you’re 100% gonna need that soon unless you get back to winning challenges. I don’t know why you felt like you couldn’t trust Anneliese, but that call might have sunk your game.
  9. Locky’s had a really fun growth arc this season, but I feel like it’s coming to an end sooner rather than later. I’ll be very interested to see where Locky goes now that his boyfriend isn’t there.



  1. Tessa orchestrated the blindside of Henry perfectly. Her new #champagnealliance leaves her in a strong position, and she’s playing the challenges surprisingly well. Locky will probably try to come after her, but I’m not sure where his numbers will come from.
  2. Sarah’s social game just keeps ticking along, and I think she managed to turn getting absolutely stitched up at the auction into a positive really well by playing the sympathy card. She can keep working in the shadows, and I reckon she’s got a big move or two in the pipeline
  3. Jeri’s war analogies are starting to scare me, I’m a bit worried that he’s going to start actually fighting people, but his position in the merged tribe remains really strong. As I’ve said most weeks, he just flies under the radar, and as long as he doesn’t shake the boat too much then I think he’s in a great spot.
  4. Ziggy had a massive week, but now that Henry is gone she’s lost a big ally. I know she still has an idol, but there’s probably a huge target on her back now, and in a merged tribe where the big guns are being blindsided left, right and centre, there is a chance that she is the next to go if she’s not careful.
  5. Petey’s name was thrown around as the easy vote, but he is well linked up with Tessa, making him a part of the #champagnealliance by default. I still think he’s one of those middle of the road players whose best chance is to just keep out of the conflict while others take each other out, but he’s done that well so far.
  6. Michelle is the kind of person that makes me think I could be on Survivor. She’s struggled so much in pretty much everything so far and she’s still there, and if she can do it then why can’t I? having said that, she’s in with Tessa and Luke now, and is another one that is just happy sitting at the bottom of the pack watching everyone else
  7. Luke should just quit now because his game will never get any better than the absolute jackpot that he hit at the auction. He’s nestled in nicely with Tessa’s new alliance but I struggle to see that being a particularly long term arrangement. Given that no one has gone with an easy vote so far, I feel like he’s a big mover that could find himself on the outside with a target on his back.
  8. Tara is definitely towards the bottom of the tribe as far as power, but her main positive for the time being is that she is an important number for making big moves. Once Locky goes I think she’s the next logical step, but I don’t see her going before he does.
  9. Locky’s in some serious strife now. His bromance is shattered, and if the current majority keep going the way they are going, he’s next on the chopping block for sure. He does have the physical capability to win an immunity challenge or two, but the next one that he loses he’s in trouble.


What do you think? Are we close at all or way off? Who has the best chance to win our competition?

Thanks for reading!