Survivor David v Goliath Exit Interview Episode 6 – Lyrsa Torres

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LYRSA: Hi Ryan from Australia!

RYAN: Hey Lyrsa how are you going?

I’m doing great. How are you. How’s Australia. How’s the weather in the land Down Under.

Well let me tell you exactly, I’ve been up since about three o’clock (this morning). We had Thunder storms last night. It was raining and I really needed a jacket incredibly badly and that’s not lying, genuinely!

Oh why didn’t you call me? I should of lent you mine.

Let me ask you about that last night. Obviously you were taken out. Were you surprised that you were taken out the tribal council or did you feel like Nick and Mike were going to side with you and take out Angelina.

I knew as soon as we got there and it was going to be me if you are really playing the game and you’re very aware of what’s going on which I was, you know within you, you can feel it the way people are talking to you, the way they’re not talking to you. The comments they make are tribal like what happened with my eyes or Bramble the beautiful. You feel it you know you know you can ask this too if you’re blindsided if you’re really not paying attention to what’s going on.

Yeah I guess it’s incredibly hard when you get to that tribal council and you kind of know. I found  it really interesting in the episode that you stated that if you go Angelina is definitely not getting your jacket. You seemed to be really upset that she did vote for you in this whole jacket-gate situation last week. Can you tell me a little bit about your relation with Angelina and why you didn’t trust her.

First of all nothing against Angelina personally she is a very sweet girl, inside of the game that’s another story. I’m the Outsiders and you have numbers and I don’t, so I’m in a very vulnerable situation and then I would have got it if you were like we’re going to vote you all because you’re in the minority. But the whole thing like we’re going to vote you out because I want your jacket. I was like “WHAT!” you’re not even approaching me because if she had of come to me and said “Lyrsa you’re going out today.” There’s no way around it, we have the numbers. We want to keep Nick. You know I’m cooled because I knew that she was cooled the whole time. Can you leave me your jacket? I would have been, yes take the jacket! Only return it please when you’re done with the game. Because I want to keep it as a memento of my adventure on this game. But that didn’t happen and the whole time with Bi and Jessica I knew they were voting for me and the only thing I asked from people was to be honest. I don’t mind that you’re going to vote for me, I knew people were going to vote for me. Just tell me later. I know it already it’s not like I don’t know this. Just tell me and this feeling I’m not going to get a beef with you because of that. So it was more the whole thing of like oh I want that jacket and we need to vote her out because I want something from from her just ask for it. It was the the whole morality of the of the situation.

Obviously we saw Mike was really conflicted last night so clearly you had a strong relationship with him. You started off with Nick. Did you feel like they made the right decision getting you out at this point and going with Angelina. Or should they have taken you to the merge. Cause I do feel like, honestly Lyrsa if you make the merge I feel like you’re not going home any time soon.

As a player, yes I’m upset because you voted me out. Mike and I had a really really good relationship you guys didn’t get to see that part. We had the Rainbow Coalition and Mike and I were really close. So I know that this vote was very conflictive for him and I don’t blame him. Probably if I were his position I would have done the same. He wanted to go in the game with the Goliath’s from other tribes not hating him because he wanted to make it far like everybody else. So he voted for Angelina then all of the Goliaths are going to hate on him and he won’t have numbers and then if he keeps me he’s not sure that the Davids are going to welcome him because he’s a Goliath that’s not going to happen because I really have good relationship with Gabby and Christian and Elizabeth. So we were going to take Mike in like he was a David. Because to me he was the David of the Goliaths.

Yeah true.

You know but I’ve seen it as a you know a viewer that was the best move they could have made, because I know that Angelina is playing super hard, super strong and that’s also a liability.

You mentioned about the pre-jury trip and that you were going to be in Ponderosa with Natalie. Can you talk about your relationship with Natalie, obviously the last episode we saw. That was quite fractious. You had the whole egg debate. Was there any more egg debates on this trip and what was it like spending more time with her.

I think I think my comment was taken out of context a little bit. I mean what I felt. First of all I didn’t even care about that until I sat down to talk. I’m like “oh shit, I’m going to be with Natalie” because I didn’t have any hard feelings against her. She barely interacted with me because she was going Goliath strong yet she was very bossy, but that’s her personality and she’s great TV. What I was more concerned is like i’m going into this trip meeting these people that I had a say in their fate in this game. And they probably all hate me, because I voted for them, or I had something to do with them going out, so i’m going into a place that I can’t escape. It’s not like I can go home, with people I thought were going to hate me. So that is what I was trying to say, that Oh my God this person that hates me is going to be there and she is going to hate me even more. Because I stayed for nothing.

Yeah it ended up okay? Did you guys come to Australia again for your pre-jury trip?

Oh yeah. I mean the trip was amazing. I I never expected to go there. So to me was like it was never on my bucket list. Because it’s so far and it’s so expensive to get there. So to me it was an amazing trip. I had a blast. I love all of you guys like i’m obsessed with your cheese. If you can send me some, you have great cheese. I know it is the cheapest one because somebody told me that the cheese the brand named “BEGA” I love that cheese. I love it man. That sharp cheddar is fucking amazing! So if you can send me Bega cheese. I will love you for ever, for ever.

Okay Australians are hearing this.

Oh my God I love you guys. I never thought I was going to eat a kangaroo like kangaroo meat. Oh my God it’s amazing. Like I love you guys so much. I can not stop talking about Australia and my girlfriend is over it. She’s like “Oh you went to Australia really? Were you there?” I’m like girl please don’t ruin it. It’s amazing and it’s beautiful and I loved it.

Lyrsa, can I ask you one more game related question. At the very start of the game we saw you form a relationship with Elizabeth and you compared your relationship is like the odd couple people you wouldn’t expect to come together. Can you talk about that relationship you had with her.

Yeah I mean Elizabeth is just so genuine and real. I think that’s why we connected so much because I don’t want to brag about it but that’s the way I am, what you see is what you get. And with Elizabeth what you see is what you get that’s Elizabeth. She’s not trying to be something else on the show. That’s the way she is and she is she was playing and honest game too and a loyal game and I don’t know she has this aura, this vibe that I was attracted to. Like I liked that hat, I liked that plaid shirt, she is going to be my buddy. She will listen to me because I felt that she was also between the Davids. I felt that she was also the outcast. You know not the outcast, but the other different person. I thought they we were going to be able to connect towards that and we were going to listen to each other. I love her she is my sister.

You go through this whole Survivor experience and it’s you know it’s incredibly difficult. Did you learn anything about yourself from going through this whole amazing journey that is Survivor.

I have discovered that I have more energy on me than I thought and that not everything is an obstacle. Like I was so scared of the challenges that I could do. I am like yeah I was not the first one but I was not to last. I can do this. I learned how to really appreciate what I have. Because when you when your outside in the world and you have everything, you have your phone, you have your brush, you have clothing, you have your jacket and you can change different jackets. You have it. You don’t miss it. You don’t value stuff because you have it there. When you are deprived of everything, everything gets into perspective and I think i gained a lot of respect and appreciation for what I have and I learn not to worry about what I don’t have. If I don’t have it is because I really don’t need it.

Lyrsa thank your so much for spending some time to chat to me all the way in Australia.

Thank you so much!

So great that you love Australia we love that and yeah definitely I am sad to see you go. I honestly think if you have made the merge you would have made it incredibly far. So I think they really did do the right thing to take you out there. You are a dangerous player out there Lyrsa, so congratulations on your game.

I think it’s because I was going to strive at the merge. So I’m taking it that way.

7th Boot Exit Interview (Written and Podcast) | Survivor David v Goliath Episode 6 – (BRINK) from survivor


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