Bachelor RECAP

Bachelor In Paradise Episode 11 Recap | Tuesday April 30 “Bro’s Before The Rose”

Cass Woods’ and Richie Strahan’s sudden departure sent shockwaves through Paradise, but the surprise arrival of Elora Murger meant that Cass and Richie were quickly forgotten.

Elora, the girl known for lusting over Greek God Apollo arrived in Paradise for a re-do. Eager to get the party started in ‘ere, Elora had no qualms in telling everyone that she was here to play the game. Game on!

When Elora took Alex Nation aside for a chin wag, Alex was determined not to skip the Bill, and wasn’t too keen on a date with Elora. In the end, there was some serious déjà vu in Paradise, with Elora choosing Alex Nation for the date.

What better way to get close and personal than to play corners on jet boats in teeny bikinis, followed by a sunset cocktail? Getting her flirt on, Elora lay her heart out on the table, explaining she’s always had a bit of a thing for Alex.

Just when we thought they were going to exchange saliva, Alex resisted, stating that it wasn’t the right time. Elora understood, timing was her worst enemy in Paradise, and one she was all too familiar with. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Back in Paradise the sun was setting, love was in the air and kisses were being handed out like, well, free kisses. Everyone except Connor O’Brochta and Shannon Buff, who were having a biff about Buff opening up.

In quest of a rose, Elora took Nathan aside for some floral flanter. The flirting was strictly one way only. Eager to get back to Tenille Favios, Nathan was shielding himself from any kind words and compliments thrown, by awkwardly sitting there, eyes darting around the room and saying very little.

Mack Reid was miffed again when Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Jules Bourne headed off on a date. Enjoying a high tea in the sea, Alisha ensured her knife touched the bottom when cutting a cake, giving her an excuse to kiss the closest boy.

Seizing the opportunity of some one-on-one time, Alisha asked Jules where they were at. In true Jules fashion, his explanation of moving forward under an “umbrella of ambiguity” was trés confusing, and also hurt her a little.

Sensing she wouldn’t receive a rose, Elora saw a window of opportunity when she heard Connor and Shannon were on the rocks.  However, Connor shut that window quickly. The rocks they were on, were really close to the tropical Fijian shore. He wasn’t totally giving up just yet.

Shannon explained to Connor that she was falling hard for him, and it scared her. Sealed with a kiss, they agreed that they’re better together and appeared to have made it back to solid ground.

Hitting the panic button, Elora shifted her focus to Mack. She wanted to find love and she needed his rose. Mack explained that his rose belonged to someone else, and his rose was with Zoe O’Brien.

At the rose ceremony, Connor called Shannon’s name. However, in a turn of events, instead of giving her a rose for Paradise, he asked if she would accept the rose and flee Paradise with him, so they could give their relationship a shot IRL. She accepted, and they ran off into the sunset together.

On leaving Connor said: “When it comes to Shannon, I am 100 percent all in. It’s definitely going to be difficult, being half way around the world is a little bit more intense but Shannon is definitely worth it.”

With one rose yet to be handed out, there was still hope for Elora. Moral Mack was true to his word and gave his rose to Zoe. This meant it was time to say good bye to an evanescent Elora.

On leaving Elora said: “I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone to talk to everybody and gave it my best shot. I don’t think there is one man in there that would have worked out for me.”

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