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Australian Survivor Finale is coming, but fans will be locked out.

Last years finale of Australian Survivor was one of the most memorable episodes in recent memory. We still have flashbacks to the underdog of the season Kristie Bennett outlasting the power couple of Lee Carseldine and El Rowland at the final immunity challenge, and going on to the final tribal council where she would ultimately be crowned Sole Survivor.

However many fans of the franchise were left disappointed that TEN had neglected one of the fundamental components of a Survivor season, the reunion show. The reunion provides the chance for players to tell their story and catch up on what everyone has been up to since the conclusion of the show.

With gleeful excitement, after our push last year to have a reunion at the conclusion of the season, Australian Survivor and TEN heard our call and agreed, announcing that this year the votes would not be revealed in Samoa and instead would be kept in secret and read out back in Australia at the end of season at a finale/reunion show in Sydney.

However unlike our New Zealand counterparts who held a live finale with tickets available to purchase to the public, it is our understanding Australian Survivor will film a pre-recorded (live) finale days before the televised final episode and restrict attendance access to this seasons players friends and family as well as a select number of former players, most likely including last seasons final 3 – Kristie, Lee and El.

New Zealand with a lower advertising budget hosted a brilliant ticketed event. For years Australian Idol and Big Brother recorded multiple live episodes with an audience. The same should apply for our local reunion.

My belief is they Endemol/TEN are using the finale model that they used for shows such as the Biggest Loser Australia.

The news will be disappointing to fans who are the backbone of the franchise. They will not have an ability to directly access tickets to attend the finale, which will disappoint many who have been strong, vocal supporters of this franchise, despite continual low ratings.

What do you think? Should the finale be pre-recorded and restrict access to fans of the show? 

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