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Australian Survivor names Jonathon LaPaglia as Host!

TEN Has finally dropped the announcement the Australian Survivor community has been waiting for.
Jonathon LaPaglia has been announced of the host of Australian Survivor. Beating out rumoured potential hosts Dr. Chris Brown, Rove McManus among others.
According to the Daily Telegraph, LaPaglia himself seemed surprised to be asked to host the show:
“I’m not sure why they singled me out. Out of the blue my agent called me and said, ‘How would you feel about hosting Survivor?’ They know I’m into outdoor pursuits and I guess they wanted someone who had some humanity for the contestants, but was also an authoritative figure. That’s how (the producers) put it to me. I think they must be talking about someone else though!”
La Paglia is a left of field choice with no previous hosting experience. He has most notable worked with the NINE network in recent years appearing on popular shows, Underbelly and Love Child.

Casting is culminating soon with filming  in Samoa to begin shortly.
Source: Daily Telegraph.
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